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Her story . . .

Born a Southern California native, I always had a strong love of the arts. Growing up in a household heavily influenced by creativity & music, I quickly learned I was a natural born creative. From a very young age, I explored many avenues of art: from drawing & painting, creative writing & poetry to playing various instruments like piano, guitar, even accordion (shhh...don't tell anyone that), I knew my life would be anything but conventional.


While attending Spelman College, I not only had the opportunity to learn about my deep-rooted culture & finding myself as a woman, but I also explored what it truly meant to be an artist. It's where I discovered that art is more than just a form of expression for me, it's my therapy.

Art . . . my art . . . allows me to be free, live by my own rules & tell my story in different forms that can speak to many different people with different artistic languages. As I said, art is my therapy, so I only hope that it can be therapeutic for someone else out there in the universe.

-   Devin Taylor
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